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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Looks like the whole Wiimbledon tournament has enough press that I couldn't even managed to register.  There were three open windows to register and I tried on on wednesday one whole minute after registration opened but apparently that was one whole minute too late.


I was actually really excited about the whole thing, even though i guess there was a pretty good chance I'd get creamed in the first round by some pasty kid just crawling out of their basement after a months long Wii Tennis binge.  Since you're supposed to play under a pseudonym, I was even going to be playing in homage to a childhood tennis icon as Mats Wiilander.


So now I guess I can go on Saturday and watch other folks play (or hope that perhaps I'll get one of the walk-in slots) but who knows, maybe I'd just sit around feeling jealous that I couldn't get in there and kick ass.  Either way: bummer.  Good thing the rest of the weekend is shaping up to be packed with really fun  things, not the least of which is Midsommar in the park tomorrow.

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poop indeed.
i will see you tomorrow for flowers and dancing though! chris is way into it. i dont work fri and my friend karen leaves at 3 so we'll be there early to help hold down the fort.  
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