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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Reasons Life's Purty Darned Good 
  1. Spent an awesome weekend with a large batch of friends in a gorgeous house up in the wonderful Catskills swimming at a beautiful swimming hole and playing wonderful games of kubb and BBQing surprisingly tasty food.  It appears I may have picked up some kind of tick-borne disease that forces me to overuse adjectives. Hm... At any rate it was really amazingly nice to be out of the city for a weekend.  Just plain did my soul good.  And the stars, man. Good god the stars.
  2. Had to head out into pouring sheets of rain yesterday morning to move Karu (our adopted car for the summer) and then head to work. I ran like hell to the bodega around the corner to get an umbrella (as we were fresh out) and arrived soaking.  So I ask for an umbrella and the guy behind the counter says they're fresh out.  Nuts.  Seriously, it's ark-building weather outside. I start looking around and pick up a copy of the Post to use as a temporary umbrella.  It's got to be good for something right?

    In the meanwhile the counter guy's been looking around the store and he's on the phone.  He comes back to the register and says "Yeah sorry I tried looking to see if we had any others and called the owners to see if we had any more hiding anywhere. But hey, I mean, do you just want to borrow mine?" He asks, producing a small umbrella from under the counter.  I'm just kind of in shock.  "Wow, um, thanks!" I stammered back. "I live right around the corner, I'll bring it back later?" "Sure! No problem." He says.  And like that, I'm off for a rainy day, well protected.

    I dunno, maybe I've just been in New York too long, but I'm always kind of just astonished when someone who's basically a stranger does something totally unnecessarily friendly and helpful, even if it's just with something like a $3 umbrella.  I went back this morning and thanked him profusely and gave him his umbrella back.  He looked kind of surprised to see me but thanked me for bringing it back and pointed to the new stock of Chinese umbrellas. "Next time, we got you covered.".
  3. Twisted Mister won the World Series of Pop Culture, which does my heart good 'cause hey man, NYU pride, right?  But seriously, I have absofuckinglutely no idea what I would do at that age with $83,333.333333333333333333.  Probably something really stupid.
  4. Today promises to be an interesting, possibly epochal kinda day.  Of that I can say no more.  But yoikes.

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You can't see it, but I've raised my eyebrow in a gesture of great curiosity at that last one. It's practically Nimoy-esque.  
Heh, actually no news about possible big thing just yet, but of course I'll let you all know. There I go with the chickens and the counting without the hatching and what have you.  
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