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Friday, August 10, 2007
I am sucky blogger 
Remember that epochal event I mentioned and then didn't elaborate on?  Today's my last day at the job I've been at for nearly 7 years.  Last time I had a last day at a job it was election day 2000.  We all know how that night ended up.  I think tonight will be better.

Either way, big stuff is afoot and I will get with the blogging about it forthwith. In theory. New job starts next tuesday. Eep! In the meanwhile I've got that excited giddy feeling you got when you were a kid and you were running off the high jump at full speed.  Kinda scared crapless but mostly yelling "wheee!"  Now I've just got 800 loose ends to tie up before I leave tonight so no more writing now. But more details soon!

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OH! EM! GEE! I'm so annoyed that you're Away from iChat right now because I! WANT! DETAILS!

Enough of those caps. But seriously, wow! Congrats! Wish I were there to buy you a beer or several.  
Dude. you are tagged.  
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