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Monday, July 28, 2008
GrAMPa, Greenpoint & Sub Neighborhoods 
A bit back I was having a conversation w/ some people about how increasingly different the chunk of Greenpoint J & I live in feels from the "main" strip of Greenpoint that hugs the river and is now the home to lots of bars, bookstores and all kinds of other newfangledness. True, the last few years have seen the opening of a coffeeshop over on this side of McGuinness and we do now have a Sushi restaurant AND an organic dry cleaner (which is just odd). But still, I feel typically pretty compelled to explain to folks that I live in something like the Greenpoint Annex, or "Not the part of Greenpoint you're thinking of". It's a quieter, Polisher, more sewage-factory-having part of town and hey, I love it.

Unless it's the middle of the winter and I'm cursing having to walk 15 minutes to the G. But still.

It's got a lovely identity of it's own and so we thought, since every subneighborhood on the planet has its own snappy acronym, it was about time our fair sub-chunklet of Greenpoint had one. A lightbulb went off over my head and thus GrAMPa or Greenpoint Around McGolrick Park.

I don't expect to see it on an official map anytime soon but feel free to use as you wish.

And just as I was thinking about this, a coworker set me Very Small Array's map of Greenpoint Subneighborhoods which makes a genius kind of sense. I mean minus the obvious ommission of GrAMPa.

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