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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Things I've done in the last 86 hrs (or so) 

Just to keep you caught up

  • went swimming and laid around on the beach at Fort Tilden
  • watched a crapton of Olympics
  • almost saw 200 guitarists playing at once (damn you rain)
  • took advantage of a summer friday to go see a 4:00 showing of Tropic Thunder with a couple of beers smuggled out of the work fridge
  • spent an amazing day with J driving all around New York state looking for just the right place to have our wedding (and maybe even finding it!)
  • played soccer kind of half-assedly but enjoying it a ton
  • continued plowing through Mad Men (which I'm enjoying a bunch)
  • ...aaand paid down to zero a credit card that had led to phone calls, lost sleep & general horror. It hadn't been down to zero since college when I first got it but was burdened with all kinds of bad-mojo stupidly aquired debt which I'm beyond thrilled to see the back of. Hey, there's something to be said for getting your financial shit together. Whoo hah.

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